scientific work

Traditional directions of scientific developments of the department: study of problems of vascular pathology of the brain, in particular clinical and paraclinical characteristics and pathogenetic substantiation of optimization of treatment of patients with acute and chronic cerebrovascular disorders; study of clinical and paraclinical features of the residual period of cranial trauma; Improvement of methods of diagnostics and treatment of neurological manifestations of lumbar osteochondrosis using physiotherapeutic methods of medical rehabilitation; study of clinical features and variants of multiple sclerosis and implementation of modern treatment methods using immunomodulatory, immunosuppressive therapy and therapy that changes the course of multiple sclerosis; Study of the state of bone tissue in patients with damage to the nervous system: the study of the relationship between the degree of disfunction of organs and systems, methods of treatment and rates of bone tissue loss and the creation of adequate prophylactic and therapeutic programs.

Currently, 1 doctoral dissertation (associate professor Z.V.Saliy) and 2 candidate's dissertations (Sagaidak LO, Nasalik RB) are underway at the department.

Student scientific group actively is working at the department (curator - Ass. Salii MI). Student groups performed and reported 74 works at annual conferences, 19 of them participated in international conferences, most of them got prize-winning places. Students take part in the programs "Student Science and Professional Orientation Education" and "Student - Future Specialist of High-level Qualifications".

On October 19-20, 2018 an All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference with International Participation "ACTUAL ISSUES OF NEUROLOGY, PSYCHIATRICS, NARCOLOGY AND MEDICAL PSYCHOLOGY" was held on the basis of Ternopil Regional Municipal Psycho-Neurological Hospital dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Ternopil Regional Municipal Clinical Psychoneurological Hospital, and also the 60th anniversary of the Department of Neurology and the Department of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology of Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University.

Doctors-neurologists of the Ternopil Regional Municipal Psycho-Neurological Hospital and Ternopil region, interns, general practitioners of family medicine, psychiatric doctors (total 243 participants) took part in the conference.

A greetings to the participants of the conference were the chairman of the organizing committee, the rector of the Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University, Professor M. M. Korda and the head of the health care department of the Ternopil regional state administration VG Bogayychuk.

On the first day of the conference, a corresponding member of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, prof. L. A. Dzyak, prof. T. S. Mishchenko, prof. Chaban OS, prof. S. P. Moskovko, prof. O. V. Tkachenko, prof. T. M. Slobodin presented their thesis.

After a short break, sectional sessions began to work.

At the section "Actual problems of neurology" their reports were presented by prof. V.M. Mishchenko, prof. V.A. Grib, prof. T.I. Negrich, prof. S. I. Shkrobot.

At the section "Actual Problems of Psychiatry" the doctors listened to the speeches of Prof. Wenger O.P., prof. Chaban O.S., professor Kozhina G.M., prof. Haustava OO, chief freelance expert on the specialty "Psychiatry" Zakal Yu.P., senior researcher of the department of border psychiatry Panko T.V., MD. Gnatyshyn MS

After conference celebrations in the regional drama theater was continued.

20.10.18 in the framework of the conference there was a forum of scientists working in the field of "Neurology" and "Psychiatry", where oral and poster presentations were presented.