Medical Faculty:

"Medicine - 4 course"

 Subjects -  Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology, Medical Psychology

"Physical Rehabilitation" 2 course 

 Subject – "Psychology"

  Dental Faculty:

 "Dentistry - 4 course"

    Subjects -  Neuro-dentistry, Psychiatry and Narcology, Medical Psychology

   Institute of Nursing:

  "BSN 4 course "

  Subjects - Adult Health III (Neurology), Mental Health, Mental Health Practicum

"Nursing Bachelors 4 course"

    Subjects  – Psychiatry and Narcology, Medical Psychology, Mental Health, Basis of Psychology

Nursing Bachelors one year 1 course"

 Subject -  Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

 "ADN 2 course "

    Subject - Neurology


Department of neurology, psychiatry,  narcology and medical psychology  Address: str. Troleybusna, 14, Ternopil’, 46027 Phone number (0352) 435774 e-mail:  nev_psux@tdmu.edu.ua

The Staff of   Neurology, Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology:


The Head of the Department

professor Svitlana Shkrobot

MD, PhD, DSc

E-mail — shkrobot@tdmu.edu.ua

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Associate-Professor Zoya Saliy, 

MD, PhD  

E-mail —  saliy@tdmu.edu.ua 

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Associate-Professor Olena Budarna, 

MD, PhD  

E-mail — budarna@tdmu.edu.ua 

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Associate-Professor Nataliya Sokhor, 

MD, PhD, DSc

E-mail —   sokhor@tdmu.edu.ua

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Associate-Professor Lyubov Milevska-Vovchuk, 


E-mail —  milevska@tdmu.edu.ua 

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Assistant-Professor Marianna Mysula, 

MD, PhD  

E-mail — mysulams@tdmu.edu.ua

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Associate-Professor Olena Venger, 


E-mail - venger_ol@tdmu.edu.ua

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Associate-Professor Yaroslav Nestorovych, 


E-mail - nestorovich@tdmu.edu.ua

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Associate-Professor Olena Smashna, 


E-mail - smashna@tdmu.edu.ua

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Assistant-Professor Yuriy Mysula, 

MD, PhD  

E-mail — mysulayu@tdmu.edu.ua

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  Assistant-Professor Lesya Sas, 

MD, PhD  

E-mail — sas@tdmu.edu.ua

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Assistant-Professor Tetyana Gyseva, 

MD, PhD  

E-mail — gysevatp@tdmu.edu.ua

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Assistanеt Olga Kostina,  

E-mail — kostinaoo@tdmu.edu.ua

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Assistant-Professor Volodymyr Bilous, 

MD, PhD  

E-mail  bilous@tdmu.edu.ua

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Department of Neurology, Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology was founded on July 15th, 2005 due to the reorganization and consolidation of the Department of neurology and psychiatry with general and medical psychology.

D:\Кафедрдок\Історія кафедри\P3220282.JPG

The history of the Department of Neurology, Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology

The Department of Neurology was established on October the 1rst, 1958 on the base of Neurological department (the last one included 50 beds) in Ternopil regional hospital.

The founder of the Department was Professor Olexander Adriyanovych Yarosh

F:\Фото 2\6.jpg

- an outstanding Ukrainian scientist, neurologist, the author of about 400 scientific works devoted to the different problems in neurology. The priority research direction of the Department headed by Professor O.A. Yarosh from 1958 to 1968, was studying of the processes of de- and regeneration of nervous trunks, peculiarities of clinical picture and treatment of multiple sclerosis and syringomyelia.

The first staff of the Department consisted of the head of Department O.A. Yarosh, PhD A. Shulha and laboratory assistant V. Hrebelkina. Next generation of staff incuded PhD M.M. Ishchenko (1960), Ya.M. Komorovska (1967), A.M. Dorohyy (1968), E.O. Nechay (1968), I.V. Veselskiy (1970), A.M. Yuschenko (1971), S.I. Shkrobot (1980), I.I. Gara (1994), Z.V. Saliy (1997), O.Y. Budarna (2003), N.R. Sohor (2004), L.S. Milevska-Vovchuk (2007), M.S. Mysula (2009), senior anatomist Galina Shust (1969), senior laboratory assistant Elena Vasilyuk (1970), lab. assistant N.M. Badikova (2005).


IMG_0011C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Акт sertif 001.tif

In 1969 the department was headed by Professor M.M. Ishchenko.

F:\Фото 2\7.jpg

During the following years the staff of the Department headed by M.M. Ishchenko productively studied the influence of vasoactive, cardiotonic drugs on systemic and cerebral hemodynamics in case of stenosis of the main arteries of head in patients with cerebral blood circulation disorders. The method of hemodynamic monitoring and treatment of ischemic cerebral blood circulation disorders at occlusive stenosis of main arteries of head (1992), the method of ischemic cerebrovascular disorders’ treatment by means of calcium antagonists and antiplatelet drugs (1993-1998) were developed and implemented in public health practice of 15 regions in Ukraine. The priority of these scientific developments was confirmed by the patent for invention (1997). Under the leadership of professor Ishchenko, the department staff and physicians of Ternopil clinical municipal psyconeurological hospital studied problematic aspects of multiple sclerosis. Due to the initiative of prof. M.M. Ischenko,  Ph.D. S.I. Shkrobot introduced ultrasound Dopplerography method for diagnostics of cerebral arteries lesions for the first time in Ukraine (1980). Before she was trained in the I rst Moscow Medical University.

M.M. Ischenko became a teacher for the whole cohort of doctors-neurologists.

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\Фото\4.jpg

Under his supervision was performed

• 1 doctoral thesis (Shkrobot S.I.)

• 12 PhD theses (Shevchuk M.T., Degtyar V.V., Makohonchuk M.A., N.D. Lobanov, Blinov N.S., Hrechuh A.V., Shkrobot S.I., Lobas A.V., Ostrovska O.S., Hara I.I., Vakulenko L.A., Holyachenko A.O.)

25 medical residents improved their professional skills. Most of them now work within the walls of our hospital as doctors and the head of clinical Departments.

F:\Фото\Кафедра 12фото\2.jpg


In June 1998, the Department of neurology was headed by Doctor of med. sciences, Professor Svitlana Shkrobot.

Continuing the glorious scientific traditions of the Department, the staff began to investigate new acute problems of modern neurology, such as the causes and mechanisms of neurological disorders at osteochondrosis, improvement of its methods of treatment, optimizing the treatment of acute and chronic cerebral blood circulation disorders, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease according to the state of bone mineral density.

The result of these studies was described in 7 protected PhD theses.

The title of Assistant Professor was awarded to PhD Dorohyy A.M. (1983), S.I. Shkrobot (1995), Z.V. Saliy (2003), I.I. Hara (2004), A.Y., Budarna (2011), N.R. Sokhor (2011).

The title of Professor was awarded to Doctor of Med. Sciences S.I. Shkrobot in 2003, and the honorary title of Honored Scientist of Ukraine was awarded to S.I. Shkrobot in 2006.

The Department of Psychiatry

The Department of Psychiatry was organized in August 22nd 1959. Its clinical base was inpatient department of regional psychoneurological clinic for 25 beds.


The founder of the Department was Associate Professor Vasyl Lastovetskyy, who in 1961 defended his doctoral thesis, and in 1962 was awarded the title of professor. He was the Head of the Department until 1973. During this period the Department developed greatly in different directions (ideological, educational, methodical, scientific, clinical consultation etc.). V.V. Lastovetskyy was a high-educated man, an excellent diagnostician.

IMG_0013   IMG_0017

From August 1973 to June 1975 the Department was headed by Dr. med. Science B.M. Kutsenok. He did much for the design of the Department, organization and further improvement of the teaching work, enhance scientific research and activity of students’ scientific society. For this period is typical interesting scientific work and high activity of students’ scientific society.

The first assistant of the Department since 1959 was Raisa Savelivna Romas. In 1974 she became assistant professor, in 1975 – the Head of the Psychiatry course at the Department of Neurology. Raisa Saveliyivna Romas’ scientific interests included problems of alcoholism, preventive psychiatric care, general promotion of healthy lifestyle.


Since 1990 the head of psychiatry course was Victor V. Degtyar who actively implemented the latest achievements in treatment of alcoholism and alcoholic psychosis.

Since 1995 the teacher of psychiatry course had been S.V. Bilous. From June 1998 he worked as Associate Professor. Under his leadership, the staff of psychiatry course actively introduced new teaching programs in medical psychology, medical ethics and deontology, psychiatry for nurses.

The staff of the Department in different years included:

• teachers N. A. Savelieva (1963)

• V. T. Yashchuk (1973)

• V. V. Degtyar (1974)

• L. Alhimova (1977)

• Y. M. Nesterovych (1989)

• S. Belous (1995)

• R. M. Hnatiuk (1998)

• O. P. Wenger (1999)

• Laboratory assistants A. Dobrovolska (1975-2006)

• M. M. Patrosh (1962-1998)

• senior technicians and anatomist B.V. Sonsyadyk, M. Maksimov, V. Hlushyk, A. Paslavskyi, Z. Hnatyshyn, R. Plyutynska, V. Milashevska, M. Rudakova.


In 1999 by Ministry of Public Health in Ukraine the Department of Psychiatry with general and medical psychology was opened at Medial Academy. In 1999 the head of this Department became a unique in its professional and human qualities, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor Oleg Chaban. Since then, the focus of scientific work in the Department was focused on studying of endogenous psychoses in dynamic psychiatry. 1 doctoral thesis and 2 PhD thesis were defended during this period. O.S. Chaban put many efforts in order to improve scientific, clinical work of the Department, put it on a new modern level. Under the direction of O.S. Chaban the scientific work of the Department became a part of complex scientific and methodical programs of Ukrainian Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Neurology and Psychiatry (Kharkiv), implemented progressive psychotherapeutic techniques; improved equipment. Since 1999 assistant of the Department became Venger O.P. In 2004 she became Associate Professor and in 2006 – she became the head of the course of Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology. The research interests includes pathomorphosis of drug abuse and mental diseases, neurotic disorders, bone mineral density in patients who were treated by neuroleptics, psychosomatic diseases, post-traumatic stress disorder.

The staff of the department has successfully defended 9 theses, including 2 doctoral and 7 PhD ones.

Our present

The current staff consists of the head of the department Doctor of med. Sciences, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, prof. S.I. Shkrobot, associate prof. Z.V. Saliy, O.Yu. Budarna, N.R. Sohor, O.P. Venher, Ya.M. Nestorovych, L.S. Milevska-Vovchuk, O.Y. Smashna, assistant teachers Ph.D. L.M. Sas, T.P. Huseva, M.S. Mysula, Yu.I. Mysula, O.O. Kostina, V. Bilous, laboratory assistants N.M. Badikova and N.M. Polischuk, aftergraduate students L.O. Sahaydak, M.I. Saliy.


The head of the Department: Professor Shkrobot S.I.

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\Фото\Фото портрет\Шкробот.jpgC:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\Фото\Кафедра 12фото\IMG_3174.JPG

– Honored Scientist of Ukraine (2006), the active member of Ukrainian Academy of Economic Cybernetics (2006), Doctor of Science (2002), Professor (2003), neurologist of the highest category, an English speaking teacher. Prepared 8 PhD scientists (Z.V. Saliy, O.A. Tokarchuk, Yu.A. Dorohyy, N.R. Sohor, O.Yu. Budarna, L.S. Milevska-Vovchuk, Al Hashim Ahmed, Mysula M.S.). She is the author of more than 350 scientific works, 7 patents, author and co-author of 7 books, CD "Vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord", 3 methodological recommendations approved by the Ministry of Public Health in Ukraine, 4 newsletters, and innovations in the practice of public health, 16 rational proposals. She was trained and improved her skills in leading clinics of Europe  Russia (Moscow, 1981), France (Paris, 2004), Austria (Vienna, 2005), Denmark (Copenhagen, 2006), the Netherlands (Amsterdam , Maastricht, 2007), Austria (Salzburg, 2008).

F:\Фото\Фото 21.JPG

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\16-06-2015_12-52-33\image-6711ccfc202ff26e253fc8854827165109f9e2bb01c7d95b1324b8c9d1e6fa2c-V.jpgF:\Новая папка (2)\IMG_1233.JPG

S.I. Shkrobot is the chairwoman of Ternopil regional center of Scientific Society of neurologists, psychiatrists and narcologists, the head of regional center of the whole Ukrainian Scientific Society against stroke, a member of the Specialized Academic Council at Kyiv National Academy of Postgraduate Education, the member of qualification Commission at Regional management of Public Health, a member of the editorial board of 3 medical journals "Ukrainian Neurological Journal" and "International neurological journal", "Achievements of practical and experimental medicine." She was awarded by diplomas of the Ministry of Public Health in Ukraine, regional state Administration.

Substitute of the head of the Department; subject “Neurology” – Saliy Zoya Vasylivna

F:\Фото\Фото портрет\Салій Зоя Василівна.JPGC:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3178.JPG

  • PhD (2001), assistant professor (2003). Z.V. Saliy has been working at the department since 1997, after graduating from clinical studies and post-graduate courses. She is the author of 115 publications, including 2 textbooks, 4 innovations, co-author of three textbooks, neurologist of the highest category. Currently she is working on doctoral thesis.

Hara Inna Ivanivna

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\Фото\P3233952.jpgC:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3203.JPG

  • PhD (1994), assistant professor (2005-2013). I.I. Hara had been working at the Department since 1994 after clinical studies. She is the author of 103 publications, co-author of three books, CD "Vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord," 1 newsletter and 1 innovation in public health practice, 7 rational proposals, 1 patent, neurologist of the highest category, an English-speaking teacher.

Budarna Olena Yuriyivna

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\Фото\Фото портрет\Бударна Олена Юріївна.JPGC:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3243.JPG

  • PhD (2005), assistant professor (2011). She graduated from magister- studies and clinical internship at the Department of Neurology. Author and co-author of 59 publications, including 49 scientific and 10 educational-methodical, 1 patent for invention, innovation in the State Register, 1 innovative proposal. She is neurologist of the highest category, an English-speaking teacher.

Sokhor Nataliya Romanivna

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\Фото\Фото портрет\Сохор Н.Р..JPGC:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3165.JPG

– After graduation from magister studies, clinical studies and after graduate studies (2000-2004) she works as an Associate Professor (2011), an English-speaking teacher. Since 2004 she has been PhD. Author and co-author of 57 publications, including 1 textbook, has 1 patent for invention, innovation in the State Register, rational proposal. Neurologist of the highest category. Currently she is working on the doctoral thesis.

Substitute of the head of the Department; subject “Psychiatry” – Venger Olena Petrivna

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\Фото\Фото портрет\Венгер О.П.044.tifC:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3257.JPG

  • PhD (2003), assistant professor (2005). Author of 110 publications, including 22 educational-methodical, co-author of 5 textbooks for medical students in psychiatry, psychology, narcology and medical psychology. Psychiatrist of the highest category. She is currently working on doctoral thesis.

Nestorovych Yaroslav Mykhaylovych

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\Фото\Фото портрет\Несторович Я.М.042.tifC:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3264.JPG - - PhD (1979), from 1981 to 1999 - assistant teacher, since 1999 - Associate Professor. The author of 110 publications, including 21 educational-methodical, co-author of 5 textbooks for medical students in psychiatry, psychology, narcology and medical psychology. Psychiatrist of the highest category.

Milevska-Vovchuk Lyubov Stanislavivna

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\Фото\Фото портрет\Мілевська.JPGC:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3309.JPG

– After graduation from magister studies and after graduate studies she had been working as an assistant teacher (2007-2015), associate Professor (2015), PhD (2010), an English-speaking teacher. She is the author of 45 scientific works, 1 patent for invention, 1 methodical instructions approved by the Ministry of Public Health in Ukraine. Neurologist of the first category.

Mysula Marianna Sergiyivna

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\Фото\Фото портрет\Мисула.jpgC:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3306.JPG

  • After the internship she has been working as an assistant teacher of the department since 2009. She is the author of 20 scientific works, PhD.

Mysula Yuriy Igorovych

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\Мисула Юра.jpgC:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3267.JPG

Assistant teacher (2009), author of 10 scientific works, PhD, an English-speaking teacher.

Smashna Olena Yevhenivna - Associate Professor (2015), author of 22 scientific works, PhD. Psychiatrist of the first category, an English-speaking teacher.

D:\Кафедрдок\Фото 2\16.НЕВР0Л0П1, ПСИХІАТРИ, НАРКОЛДОПІ ТА МЕДИЧНОЇ\Смашна Олена Євгенівна.JPG

Snovyda Lyudmyla Teodoziyivna

  • Assistant teacher (2006-2012), an English-speaking teacher. She has published about 30 scientific works. PhD. Psychiatrist of the first category.

Guseva Tetiana Pavlivna

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3270.JPG

– Assistant teacher (2011), PhD in Psychology (2006). After finishing graduate school at the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Professional Education APS in Ukraine (Kyiv), she worked in Ternopil experimental Institute of pedagogical Education as a teacher, later as the head of the Department of Psychology (2006-2008). Assistant Professor at the Department of social sciences and humanities in Galician Institute named after Vyacheslav Chornovil (2008-2011). Author and co-author of 9 publications, and a manual on psychology of communication.

Sas Lesya Mykhaylivna

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3301.JPG

– Assistant teacher (2011), PhD (2004). Since 2003 works as Assistant teacher in Pathophysiology Department, since 2010 works as senior lecturer in the same Department. The author of 70 publications, including 41 scientific and 29 educational and methodical, has 1 patent on invention, English-speaking teacher.

Bilous Volodymyr Sergiyovych


  • Assistant teacher (2013.). Co-author of 10 publications. Currently is working on PhD thesis.

Kostina Olga Olexandrivna

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3274.JPG

– Assistant teacher (2011). She graduated from Master studies in Neurology in 2010. She is the Author and co-author of 10 publications. Currently is working on PhD thesis.

Since 2005 she has been working as laboratory assistant Badikova Nadiya Mykhaylivna and Polishchuk Natalia Mykhaylivna. Due to their efforts a huge amount of technical and information support of the Department is provided, they are responsible for Department library.

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3236.JPGC:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3278.JPG

Scientific direction of the Department and scientific achievements. Now employees of department are involved in scientific - research work.

• Studying the problems of vascular brain pathology, including clinical and paraclinical characteristics and pathogenetic explanation of treatment optimization in patients with acute and chronic disorders of cerebral blood circulation

  • C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3191.JPG

Improvement of diagnostics and treatment of neurological manifestations of low back pain by means of physiotherapeutic rehabilitation methods

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3213.JPG

  • Studying the clinical peculiarities and variants of multiple sclerosis, implementation of modern methods of treatment with immunomodulatory, immunosuppressive therapy and treatment that alters the course of MS.

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3185.JPG

  • Studying bone tissue state in patients with neurological problems: studying of the relationships between the degree of dysfunction of organs and systems, methods of treatment and the rate of bone tissue loss and implementation of adequate preventive and treating programs

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3186.JPG

  • Studying the peculiarities of psychopathological syndromes, cognitive disorders, and clinical course of paranoid form of schizophrenia on the background of somatic pathology

C:\Documents and Settings\test\Рабочий стол\історія кафедри 2016\Кафедра20 12фото\IMG_3258.JPG

• Studying the specific peculiarities of gender-based suicidal behavior in patients with depressive disorders

• Improving of rehabilitation programs for adaption of patients with mental disorders

• Studying the patients with a primary psychotic episode-stages of treatment, prevention

Main scientific achievements of the Department

- Analysis of clinical and pathogenetic peculiarities of vertebrogenic lumbar pain syndromes in young, middle age and elderly patients.

- Rational differentiated pathogenetic grounded methods of treatment of neurological manifestations of lumbar and cervical osteochondrosis, multiple sclerosis (according to its immune and metabolic peculiarities) were developed. The state of bone tissue and connection between rates of bone tissue loss and the degree of dysfunction of nervous system, particularly in patients with multiple sclerosis, encephalopathy, in individuals exposed to low doses of ionizing radiation, in patients with neurological manifestations of lumbar osteochondrosis and in patients with brain infarction, in patients with schizophrenia, according to the type of treatment were studied.  New recommendations for correction the bone density were developed.

- Clinical and immunological peculiarities in young and middle age patients with acute brain infarction were studied.

- Syndromes of paranoid type of schizophrenia based on somatic diseases (cardiovascular, respiratory and urinary-excretory systems), positive and negative results of the treatment by classical and atypical neuroleptics were studied.

- Gender specificity of suicidal behavior in patients with depression was examined.

During the recent years, scientists of the department:

- Received a state award

- Published in the journals more than 350 scientific works

- Defended 6 PhD thesis: Milevska-Vovchuk L.S., Al Hashim Ahmed, Mysula M.S., Snovyda L.T., Mysula Y.I., Smashna O.Y.

- Currently three doctoral thesis are being prepared (Z.V.Saliy, N.R.Sohor, O.P.Venher)

- Currently 4 PhD thesis are being prepared (Sagaydak L.O., Nasalyk R.B., Saliy M.I., Kucher N.V.)

- Received three patents for invention, 16 rational proposals, published 3 methodical recommendations approved by the Ministry of Public Health in Ukraine, 3 letters of information and innovation in public health practice, put into practice more than 20 new methods of diagnostics and treatment.

- Prepared 9 Masters: Hukovskyy O.V.(2007), Dyachan A.I. (2008), Mysula M.S. (2009), Mysula Y.I. (2009), Luta O.O. (2009), Sahaydak L.O. (2009), Pyrig O.I. (2009), Vardynets M.I. (2009), Saliy M.I. (2011). These masters defended their scientific works and received diplomas with honors.

- Master degree in specialty "Nursing in Neurology" was obtained by L.S. Milevska-Vovchuk, master's degree in the specialty "Nursing in Psychiatry" was obtained by Zubkovych L.P., Batyuh A.V. (2010).

- Clinical residency was finished by doctors Bober G.V (2005), Lenyo L.B. (2006), Hukovskyy O.V. (2009), Hashim Ahmed (2009), Lohoyda O.I.(2010), Yurik A. (2011), Shpylyk I.V., Saliy M.I., Sahaydak L.O., Titan O.L., Palasyuk A.I., Alsani Abdullah (2013-2015).

The department staff participated in 5 international and 80 nation-wide scientific conferences, congresses, on current issues of neurology and psychiatry. The Department initiated and was the organizer of many regional, interregional scientific conferences with the participation of neurologists, psychiatrists and family physicians in particular: "Modern Problems of Neurology and Psychiatry," the 50th anniversary of Ternopil regional clinical municipal psychoneurological hospital and the 50th anniversary of the Department of Neurology, Psychiatry, Narcology and Medical Psychology of TSMU named after I.Y. Horbachevsky; "Vertigo in neurological practice"; "Integrative approaches to diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders"; "Prospects of development services for children with autism spectrum disorders and hyperactivity disorders"; "Bipolar disorder: from methodological recommendations to real clinical practice"; "Actual problems of diagnosis, treatment of diseases of internal organs and neuropsychiatric diseases with modern methods of physiotherapy and rehabilitation of patients."

Student scientific society is very active. Students performed and reported at the annual conferences 74 scientific works, 19 of them participated in international conferences, most of them received prizes. Only in recent years many students have received awards: student Potupalova Tatiana won the first place in the National Olympiad (2009, Kharkiv), Gorbova Mariana and Emilia Burbela on the National Olympiad (2010, Odesa) took the IVth and the VIIth places, in the National Olympiad (2011, Kharkiv) these students received "Diplomas of the 1rst degree for the best description of psychiatric status" in subjects "Psychiatry" and "Medical Psychology".

Teaching work. The department study the students of medical faculty and foreign faculty of the 1rst and 4th-year, students of Dentistry Faculty, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th-year, students of Pharmacy faculty, the 2nd year, students of the Institute of Nursing, the 1rst, the 2nd and 3rd years of study, the students of Postgraduate faculty: interns of such specialties: neurology, internal medicine, pediatrics, general practice, family medicine, pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, orthopedics and traumatology, emergency conditions medicine; after graduate training in specialties - neurology, general practice, family medicine, emergency medicine states.

Since 2007 the department has introduced credit system of teaching together with the system of "One day." New working programs were introduced, instructions to the practical classes were improved. Teaching process was optimized by means of multimedia lectures (in three languages ​​- Ukrainian, Russian and English), that are updated annually. The teachers of "Neurology" and "Psychiatry" subjects use presentations for workshops that include charts, diagrams, pictures, video clips, photos, that improve the level of teaching. For practical orientation of the educational process in the medical, dental faculties and Faculty of foreign students, clinical protocols of neurological and psychiatric examination of patients are used. That is a major component of monitoring the practical work of the student.

A new working programs for students of dental faculty "Base of Psychology", "Medical Psychology" and "Psychiatry"; students of pharmaceutical faculty "Psychology"; for interns, pharmacists “Elements of Practical Psychology"; for the 1rst year medical students "Psychology" elective course "Psychology of interpersonal communication" for the Institute of Nursing "Psychology", "Psychology of Communication", "Mental Health", "Psychiatry" and 34 presentations of lectures in Ukrainian, English and Russian were developed.

Daily monitoring of students' level of knowledge according to system «Moodle" was created. For this purpose was created a bank of tests, situational tasks and questions with pictures. Tests were formed according to the basis for integrated semester exam.

Videos for learning practical skills "Method of examination of patients with acute cerebrovascular disorders", " Method of examination of patients with radiculopathy", " Method of examination of patients with paranoid form of schizophrenia", " Method of examination of patients with personality disorders at epilepsy" on the Web-page of University. Control system of practical skills OSCE was implemented.

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The department provide teaching process in English. Certificates for teaching in English have the following teachers: prof. Shkrobot S.I., as. prof. Gara I.I., as. prof. Sohor N.R., as. prof.  Budarna O.Y., as. prof.  Milevska – Vovchuk L.S., as. prof.  Smashna O.E., Mysula Y.I.

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Since 2010 up to now distance form of learning in Ukrainian, Russian and English for the students of the Institute of Nursing (Bachelor students of the 1rst and 2nd-year, masters of 1rst-year) has been provided. New working programs "Psychology", "Psychology of Communication", "Mental Health", "Psychiatry" in three languages, 20 presentations of lectures in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages are used in teaching process. The lectures are read online. Currently 10 groups of students are enrolled in this form of studying.

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The department issued "Guidelines for medical college students in neurology practical training," "Methodical recommendations for neurology students individual work", "Medical Chart" for students in Ukrainian and English. A number of textbooks were published. Among them «Neurology in lectures» for the students of foreign faculty; "Nursing in neurology," "Nursing in Psychiatry", "Fundamentals of general and medical psychology" for students of the Institute of Nursing, section "Mental Health" in the manual "Family Medicine" and section "Neurology" in the text book "Problems of osteoporosis". Educational CD "vascular diseases of spinal cord" and "drug abuse," educational audio tape recordings of conversations of patients with mental disorders, pictures with a special educational value of rare variants of mental pathology, special educational atlas of the main pathpsychological examination are used in teaching process.

For doctors in the specialty of "Neurology" twice a year trainings are provided. Since 2011 a series of thematic improvement trainings such as: "Vascular pathology of brain and spinal cord," "Diseases of the peripheral nervous system" are being implemented. During studying of theoretical and practical topics clinical residents are motivated to use Internet. Each section of the curriculum in psychiatry, narcology and medical psychology contains clinical tasks and tests that are widely used during individual training (printed collection of these tests and tasks), and during the practical classes.

Medical work of the department. The base of the department is Ternopil Regional Clinical municipal psychoneurological hospital - a modern clinic on 825 psychiatric and 195 neurological beds. There are 17 clinical departments, including 11 psychiatric, 5 neurological and intensive care unit, outpatient department and day hospital. The Department has 12 classrooms for teachers, two lecture halls, library, computer room, modern office equipment with possibility to use Internet and so on.

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During the last 5 years in diagnostic, learning processes and scientific work the most modern methods of X-ray diagnosis (multi spiral CT (tomograph Asteion 4 Toshiba (Japan), digital X-ray diagnostic complex RDK-VSM), neurophysiological (Doppler ultrasound (the device Logidop 4 Kranzbuhler), ultrasound of internal organs; ENMG (ENMG Hungarian unit MG 440), electroencephalography with mapping of the brain (EEG), ECG), and clinical and laboratory methods are being widely used in diagnostic center of the hospital. To assess the mental state of the patient, the following scales are used: PANSS, MINI, MADRS, CGI, C-SSRS, HAM and others. The hospital opened ICU, department of somatoform disorders, reorganized clinical and bacteriological laboratory, medical and social rehabilitation of disabled persons with organic diseases of the nervous system, the physiotherapy department. Due to the initiative of the Department and with the support of Medical University regional vascular center, a regional center of pathopsychological and neurophysiological examinations, the center for patients with epilepsy were organized.

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The staff of the Department constantly supports the treating process in the hospital: professors and associate professors make ground rounds in the departments of the hospital, employees of the Department provide consultation of difficult patients, also provide professional assistance for mental patients. They take part in clinical meetings organized by regional and district medical establishments, hold regular consultation, clinical observation of patients. The staff of the Department regularly organizes clinical and pathological-anatomical conferences, meetings of regional association of neurologists and psychiatrists and intermittent courses of professional development for practical medicals, consultative visits to the region. In order to optimize clinical work the department introduces experience of psycho-neurological clinic of Joseph Babinsky, Krakow neuropsychiatric clinic, Opole clinic for re-socialization, rehabilitation and reintegration of psychiatric patients. A drug dependence treatment program "Step" was introduced. The Department’s staff is actively involved in all activities eliminating the negative psychological effects of emergencies. They participate in the program of extreme conditions and emergency situations in peacetime. During 2 years educational project "School of Young psychiatrist" is being running.

The aim of the Department was to train highly qualified specialists. Great attention was paid to educational work with students outside the classroom. Meetings with outstanding people of Ternopil, veterans of war and labor, literary evenings, visits to museums, tours to Kyiv Research Institute of Neurosurgery, and Rivne diagnostic center were organized. Students’ volunteer group was created. During the school year they attend the children of child and adolescent psychiatric departments in the hospital in order to organize recreational and psychological support: "Festival of Autumn" in November and preparing for Christmas and St. Nicholas day in December.

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Prospects for the future. Currently the work of the department is focused on the future, and the main focus is an international education, professionalism and preserving the atmosphere of collegiality workers. The process of teaching at the department will be provided according to "One Day" system with an emphasis on teaching practical guidance according to the principles of the Bologna process. According to the scientific plan 2 doctoral thesis and seven master's theses are being prepared, continue in-depth study of pathogenetic mechanisms of vascular and vertebrogenic diseases of the nervous system, the development of differentiated treatment programs for patients in the residual period of TBI and patients with ischemic stroke, patients with schizophrenia and suicidal behavior, depressive disorders and introduction of modern methods of treatment, rehabilitation and resocialization of neurological and psychiatric patients.